Water Coolers for your home, made easy

Water for businesses and homes

Helping your family stay hydrated

Stay healthy

Keeping hydrated helps prevent minor ailments such as headaches and tiredness.

Less plastic waste

Reduce your carbon footprint and stop buying plastic bottles.

Save money

Stop buying over-priced plastic bottles from supermarkets.

Highest quality

Our water is naturally filtered and untouched by chemicals.

Water for homes

Hydrate for less with local Scottish water.

Live in Scotland? Why not choose a local supplier. We are a family owned business based in Stirling and have been supplying customers for over 25 years, offering the most competitive prices and unbeatable customer service #supportlocalbusiness.

Water delivered in 3 easy steps

  1. Enquire using the form below. 
  2. Decide on the water cooler you want. 
  3. Arrange a hassle-free delivery at a time that suits you. 


price promise guarantee

Nobody will beat us on price. Ever.

minimum 2 bottles per delivery

Don't have space to store more than two bottles? We offer 2 bottles minimum delivery.

no contracts

Our service is so good that we don't need to tie our customers down to contracts.

Free weekly delivery

We deliver on a weekly basis. This limits the amount of empty bottles lying around and ensures you never go without water.


Most frequent questions and answers

Tap water in Scotland can contain harmful bacteria and is therefore treated with a disinfectant, usually chlorine. The PH level is also changed to meet health and safety standards. Our natural mineral water guarantees two things: great taste and perfect filtration/PH levels using nature only. 

We have designated days for each region we deliver to. So depending on where you live, you will be allocated a specific day for delivery each week. 

We will usually phone you the day before delivery to ask if you require any water. Alternatively, simply phone us on 01786 834242 or send your order to sales@watersystems-scotland.co.uk

Depending on which water cooler you have, it will need to be sanitised on a quarterly basis. One of our helpful technicians will do this for you. 

We invoice customers at the end of each month. Alternatively, you can pay as you go. 

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